Top 3 mistakes English learners should not forget in 2018

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Unless and until, we know the common mistakes which we make, then it becomes quite difficult to work on “issues”. Likewise, if you are in the process of practicing English, then it is important to read the following post to know the 3 most common errors which English learners don’t pay much attention. Unfortunately, they keep on repeating them only to feel sorry later on, for not able to get desired result.

So, you may be curious to know as to how I polished my English?

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Let’s take a look at the following post:-

I thank my cousin brother who proved to be the best of help to me. He was the one who assisted me in making strategies first and likewise, I happened to work on them step by step:-

I learnt tenses

I didn’t know what were Present, past or future tenses. Neither I was able to create any sentences, since my grammar was almost nil.

First mistake :-

The sentences which I wrongly write :-

Earlier, I used to form the sentence as

I am go (Wrong)

They are return from School (Wrong)

He is sing song for an hour without any break (Wrong)

Since, I didn’t know that the main verb which follows after “helping verb is, are, am, was, were) has to have -ing

For example,

(Present Continuous)

I am going (correct)

They are returning from school

He is singing song for an hour without any break

In this specific example, the main verb is “go” so, I will add “-ing” to it, to make it “going”

Second Mistake:-

Similarly, while formulating sentences in the past indefinite

I always used to write sentence in a wrong manner

I didn’t visited (wrong)
I didn’t went (wrong)
They didn’t applied for Visa (wrong)
I didn’t retuned (wrong)

Aforesaid are wrong, why?

Because of the following reasons:-

With the word “did”, any main verb will be written as it is (in its first form) in the past tense.

Correct form would be

I didn’t visit (Correct)
I didn’t go (Correct)
They didn’t apply for Visa (Correct)
I didn’t return (Correct)

Third common mistake which I used to make was

In future tenses when I used to form simple Future tenses,

I used to say,

I will be go (wrong)
She will be eat (wrong)
They will be walk (wrong)
We will be visit (Wrong)

The thing which is wrong in all the three sentences above is the word “be”. There is no need of it. Why?

Because, when it construct a sentence in simple future

We just say

I will go (Correct)
She will eat (Correct)
They will walk (Correct)
We will visit (Correct)

Now, if we are writing in Future continuous form, then we say:–

I will be going

She will be eating

They will be walking

We will be visiting

Final thoughts

Earlier, I had the perception that speaking English requires lots of perseverance, hard-work, patience and a great mind to remember lots of things.

But, now exactly after a year of polishing my English language, I can proudly say that it is not as difficult as I had thought it before.

Yes, that’s actually important for me mention especially in such a scenario where most of us have pre-conceived notion about the extent of difficult, tiring, challenging and cumbersome phase which one face during the process of learning this language.

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